You do not need millions of followers to make a full-time living from your music

As an independent musician at the development stages of your career it can be increasingly difficult to have your project stand out. Often your efforts to play live shows, get playlisted and sell merchandise are not sufficiently rewarded financially. 1000 true fans is a critical and proven business theory based on the belief that to be a successful creator you do not need millions of fans or thousands of followers but that in fact all you really need is a very attainable 1000 true fans out of the 7.8 billion people worldwide. 1000 fans that spend just 100 pounds, dollars or yen in a year purchasing what you are selling.

There is a big space between obscurity and super stardom

this challenge tailors 1000 true fans specifically to musicians to give you access to that space

In this 12 week challenge:

  • Begin to build a connected fanbase

  • Have a personalised strategy to build your first 1000 true fans

  • Learn how to monetise your fanbase and take your career into your own hands

  • Be supported step-by-step to take immediate action

  • Connect with other musicians on the same journey

  • Set the foundations for your full-time career in music

The challenge content

Over 15 hours of video presentation, online discussion, live Q&A, peer group support and bonus content

  • 1


    • A personal note and a last minute personal video from KD and Team Thirty Plus One

    • How the challenge works

    • Getting started

    • Where are you now?- take this survey so we can get a rough baseline

  • 2

    1. Introduction to 1000 true fans for musicians challenge

    • Introduction to the challenge

    • ACTIVITY: Identifying ways to generate income from music

  • 3

    2. Developing your plans to grow your fans

    • Setting targets for your plan

    • ACTIVITY: Setting targets for your plan

    • Getting organised

    • ACTIVITY: Getting organised

    • BONUS CONTENT: Using Clickup

  • 4

    3. Understanding your audience

    • An overview of your audience

  • 5

    3.1 Casual fans to subscribed fans

    • Casual fans to subscribed fans: creating the journey

    • ACTIVITY: Casual fans to subscribed fans

    • BONUS CONTENT: Using SEO for your music site

    • BONUS CONTENT: Setting up email automation

    • BONUS CONTENT: Creating a compelling bio

  • 6

    3.2 Subscribed fans to animated fans

    • Subscribed fans to animated fans: creating the fan journey

    • ACTIVITY: Subscribed fans to animated fans

  • 7

    3.4 Animated fans to true fans

    • Animated to true fans: creating your fan journey

    • ACTIVITY: Animated fans to true fans

  • 8

    4. Sustaining true fans

    • Sustaining true fans

    • ACTIVITY: Sustaining true fans

  • 9

    Live sessions

    • Live session #7 - Book your 1-2-1

  • Introduction to 1000 true fans for musicians

  • Developing your plans to grow your fans

  • Understanding your audience

  • The journey from casual fans to true fans

  • Sustaining your true fans

  • Live Q&A

Bonus material

included in the challenge

  • project management guidance

    To assist with developing a plan and taking action. The challenge introduces you to project management strategies and tools. Set targets, organise tasks, prioritise activities, set deadlines, assign leads, identify resources and monitor progress.

  • email maximisation

    Email communication is a powerful tool in building your fanbase. Maximise this with guidance on using email marketing platforms and integrating surveys, questionnaires and automation.

  • search engine optimisation

    Most people who use Google only look at the first page. Improving SEO can greatly increase a musician's exposure and support profile development.

Pricing options

Connect with your fanbase via

  • your own personalised fan building strategy

    Different activities will work for different artists and their fans. This challenge recognises that and at each step exercises support you to develop your own unique plan based on your number and type of followers and integrating that with whatever you are currently working on.

  • hands-on support

    Access a private online group for challenge participants. Learn, be inspire by and motivated by other musicians doing the same thing you are at the same time. The group will also receive regular input from challenge leader and guest tutors to empower you to execute your own plan.

  • online access to all content

    24 hour access to all content for a year to ensure you take action now. Including live Q&A sessions, online discussions, timed challenge activities and bonus content.

If you are creating music people enjoy you can build a fanbase

This is about quality of fandom over quantity. Fans buy from musicians they feel a connection with. Online access to the world means that you can quickly grow this loyal relationship and take your career into your own hands. The challenge is a powerful action based method to guide you through the process. There's never been a more exciting time to do this.

Challenge start countdown

Register between 24th November 2020 - 20th December

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Challenge coach

Music manager

KD Campbell

Community founder at Thirty Plus One the online community and network for independent music managers and artists. Music manager managing artists across genres since 2013. Project management and community/fan development aficionado. 'My aim is to support you to take action now that will move your career forward and support your lifestyle.'


  • When does the challenge start?

    You can start the course between 24th November and 20th December 2020. Modules will then be released on a weekly basis with a slight break over Christmas. The content is all online so you'll be able to access it at your own pace too. Before the course starts you'll get dates for the live sessions.

  • What is 1000 true fans theory?

    A theory made famous by Kevin Kelly, founding editor at Wired. It is based on the belief that to be a successful creator you do not need millions of fans and followers, you just need a very attainable 1,000 true fans who are engaged enough to buy into any project you put out.

  • I want more than 1000 fans

    Not a question but; this isn't about limiting yourself. The sky is still the limit but this challenge is about laying the foundations for you to live comfortably from your music so that you can devote even more time to your craft and growing an even bigger fanbase.

  • Who is this challenge for?

    If you are a musician who wants to have a full-time career in music or if you are a full-time musician who wants to increase your income. If you have no following and plan to grow your fanbase, if you have a small to medium or medium to large following and know that you can do more to engage your fans so they support all the work you do. If you are a manager who wants to learn in order to support the artists you work with to build their following. If you are ready and willing to take action now then, this challenge is for you.

  • Why a challenge?

    A challenge is about taking action now. I don't want you to watch a video and take notes for later. I want you to make plans and start building now. This should be a priority task for your music career.

  • Why 12 months access?

    Many online courses now offer lifetime access. I have no problem with this but the problem it creates is that it removes the need to take immediate action and start working on what you have learnt right away. This challenge is action focused so you'll get the most from it by working along with the timeline. If you need an extension you have 12 months which is ample time if you are serious about taking action. If you need more time, then get in contact so we can discuss. You can remain part of the group for a lifetime, checking in, updating on your progress and learning from new cohorts each time.

  • Do I need to have a following before I start this?

    No, but it makes the most sense to do this challenge when you have a following of any size or are planning to build one for a current project so you can work along with the challenge.

  • What if I do not complete my challenge activities every week?

    You get the most out of the challenge by working along with the activities and committing to take action every week. The group will provide plenty of encouragement and motivation for you. However, the delivery is designed to be intentionally flexible to suit different schedules so you will be able to complete the activities, reading and presentation in your own time and at your own pace and still see benefits.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes a full refund up to 24 hours before the start of the challenge is included in your purchase.